Damp Wednesday Night

It took me all day to get my run in…things just kept getting in the way.  I wasn’t even sure I was going to enjoy it.   I need to run to keep me sane.  If I don’t get to run I get sad and irritable. Running is my vodka, you see.

At six I finally left the house and headed out into the dark.  As I ran along the sidewalk, I glanced down into the shrubs along the median and saw that you had passed by again.  There in the damp greenery lay a familiar bottle with a red top.  I made a mental note to come back up the street so I could collect it after my run.

I ran through the cool night, trying to hit my intervals.  I made most of them, despite being a bit tired from training and life.   It is a bit concerning when I know that you’re out there behind the wheel – held up by your weekly dose of vodka.  Between the drunks and the people texting, running at night is quite dangerous.

I collected your latest discard, labeled it with the date and added it to the shelf with the others.  Still trying to decipher the pattern.  The bottle tonight did not have as much condensation in it – so I don’t think it lay there long.  We might have just missed each other.

The image above is from an article on thespiritsbusiness.com about the Top Ten Fastest Growing Vodkas in the US.  You can read it here.