I noticed today’s deposit on the curb and picked it on the way back from walking the dog. It was a bit early – wasn’t really expecting it until this afternoon – but it was on the usual day.

You typically pass through the neighborhood once a week – usually on a Wednesday. (Except that one week where there was a bottle on Wednesday AND Thursday.)  You consume the bottle and you have to throw it from the vehicle because you can’t be caught with it – meaning either you are picking up someone or the vehicle does not belong to you. Let us consider the possibilities:

  • Caretaker in a Board and Care Home: This is a tough gig.  Caring for the elderly and dying can be very hard on a person.  I’ve noticed that caretakers in the neighborhood generally live on the premises or in a nearby home.  You may be sharing a car and thus need to get ride of the evidence before arriving.
  • Visitor to patient in above facility:  You are visiting a relative currently be cared for in a Board and Care Home and this is very difficult so you prepare yourself for the visit.  Still, this would not explain why you have to get rid of the bottle.
  • Service provider (gardener, pool cleaning, house cleaning, other caretakers, etc.): You work in the neighborhood once a week and the vehicle you use is provided to you by your employer.
  • Employed at the school in a temporary or part time position: Not likely unless the you are driving for the school district once a week.   Your schedule would also be easier to identify.
  • Parent of child at school: I hope not.  This would mean you are drinking prior to transporting a child.  Again, the schedule would be more exact.
  • Neighbor:  This is always a possibility – though you could get rid of the evidence in a myriad of different ways.  However, you may not be thinking clearly and be under the impression no one has noticed.  You would be wrong.

The most likely candidates are the service providers or caretakers.  I’m ruling out package and mail delivery and garbage services.