Cheap Thrills

You surprised me today.   I found a bottle on a different street on a Friday!  Not your usual drop on not your usual day.  You are keeping me on my toes.  I suppose today is a different kind of day.  It is raining and it is inauguration day.  I’d be drinking too if I didn’t have to be a rational responsible adult today.  Hey, not judging.  I’m totally over-indulging in Candy Crush and Facebook today.

This does narrow your route down a bit.  It means you drive down that other street.  The bottle was found in the middle of the street and it looked like a car or two ran over it.  Was this accidental because you left it on the top of the car?   Maybe you’ve discovered that someone is picking them up.

Here is an interesting definition by urban dictionary.  They attribute it as a beverage of choice for college students on a tight budget.  The company (Sazerac) which distills it has a different spin.  Either way it is considered a cheap thrill.  Which reminds me of Sia.