“Say Crown Russe. Like in Juice.”

I found two on Thursday.  I saw one in the morning when I left for work and made a mental note to pick it up in the evening.  That’s when I found the other one.   Maybe you tossed the first one on Wednesday as is your usual routine and I just found it on Thursday.  Maybe not.

Interestingly I cannot find the specific size you prefer on the internet.  This may involve some more legwork on my part – like actually going to the local liquor store and pricing it out.  Do you buy in bulk?  There isn’t anything on Costco’s site.  I can’t imagine you buying a case of this, especially when it seems like you’re in a hurry to get rid of the evidence.

The image is from a Life Magazine print I discovered on Amazon.  Sixties advertising at its finest.  According to this article on Wikipedia, “vodka” is typically distilled from grain, potatoes, or beets and must be 40% alcohol (80 proof). While we associate vodka with Russia (and the brand name alludes to it), Crown Russe is actually produced by Sazerac in Kentucky.