Busy Drinking

My goodness!  Yesterday evening I found a bottle.  Today there were two(!) more!  Does the clerk at whatever store you purchase these bottles know you by name?  You must be buying them – at the rate you are consuming them it would be too risky to steal them.  You would have been caught by now – unless you work there.

The first bottle today was before noon.


The second bottle was dropped after 2:55 p.m.


You came and went through the neighborhood multiple times today.  If you were just a service provider – landscaper, pool cleaner, etc. – this wouldn’t make sense.

This narrows our options to:

  • Driver for the school district
  • Local resident
  • Care provider at Board and Care home

I keep coming back to the first one.  I’ve seen the white van many times in the neighborhood.  In fact, I saw it this morning as I left for work.  The school district headquarters is just a couple blocks away and you would use this entrance the most to go to and from the school.  You also can’t leave the evidence in the van – it doesn’t belong to you – and if you got caught you’d lose your job.

How long can this go on?  I really don’t want you to hurt someone, or yourself, and the odds keep getting worse the longer you keep this up.